Alpha breaks up for Easter on Thursday 6th April (Friday 7th April is a staff training day). We hope you all have a great Easter with family and friends and will see you back at Alpha Monday 24th April.


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A few words on hairdressing consultations

The consultation is a fact-finding mission and is the first part of the service you give your clients. An in-depth consultation will allow you find out what your clients’ ideas and needs are. This will help you to make the right recommendations and give your clients more confidence in you.

During a consultation, you should always:

  • find out what the client wants before you shampoo their hair and keep checking back with them as you work;
  • ask the right questions and, if necessary, use visual aids such as magazines. If you are doing a colour consultation, use the colour chart;
  • communicate clearly with your client and check to make sure you both understand each other;
  • if you are in any doubt about what your client wants, refer them to a senior member of staff who can give further advice; and
  • check to make sure you are working safely and looking after the client’s well-being.

 A professional consultation is conducted on a one-to-one basis between the client and the stylist. It can take place either in the reception area or at a styling station. The success of your consultation will depend on your ability to:

  • ask the right questions (using open questions as much as possible);
  • listen carefully to your client’s answers;
  • interpret what they are saying;
  • confirm what has been said, checking that you both understand; and
  • make suggestions and offer appropriate choices.