I have found Alpha to be a setting in which students can find an effective route forward. The students are provided with a thorough grounding in the work and routines of a working salon. This is a commendable outcome. However, Alpha goes beyond this and works to instil sound moral values and code of conduct without ‘preaching’ to the students. This has had a positive outcome and effect on many students who train there.

Paul Jones, Industrial Consultant, Walsall Academy


Since coming to Alpha my behaviour and my confidence has improved massively. Everyone says how much I have changed for the better. The staff at Alpha are all kind and caring and they have helped me to develop my hairdressing and social skills.  I really love it at Alpha and I am hoping to stay on to do an apprenticeship next year.

MMansell, Student, Alpha Hair Academy and Cannock Chase High


I cannot thank Alpha enough for all of the hard work they have put into helping my daughter.

My daughter has special needs and requires one to one teaching on a daily basis. Alpha have worked so hard to ensure that she grasps concepts of hairdressing in order for her to achieve her dreams and ambitions. I know that without Alpha this would not have been possible for her. I get emotional just thinking about what Michelle and the rest of the team have done, they all work tirelessly with the students and their care and concern for them is second to none.

Mrs Partridge, Mom to student at Alpha Hair Academy


The personalised support that Alpha Hair have provided our students is outstanding. The level of commitment, their genuine caring and nurturing environment has changed the lives of so many students. This is a provision that I highly recommend to all.

Coleen Worrall, Director of inclusion, Cannock Chase High School


I am so happy here at Alpha, I really love it. I have learned so much and everyone is really friendly. My attitude and behaviour have changed since I started coming here and I am going to try my best to keep up the good work as I would like to be a hairdresser when I am older. I am going to stay at Alpha when I have finished my VRQ and start doing an NVQ which I am looking forward to. Thank you for everything you have helped me with.

S Gwilt, Student, Alpha Hair Academy


We have always found the commitment and support offered by Alpha Hair to some of more vulnerable pupils has been outstanding.  The transformation that takes place over a series of months is staggering.  Pupils grow in confidence, self-esteem is raised and the skill and knowledge base acquired with regards to hair treatment and styling is outstanding. 

Una Simpson, Mirus Academy